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Making 2020 Your Year


With every NEW YEAR comes a lot hope for change.  That is why we make New Year Resolutions ... to be better at this, to stop doing that or to start doing more of that.  We promise to try harder, pay more attention.  Am I right ...the lists goes on, it can be endless and all set with wonderful intention. 

I too have set some great new goals, made a few resolution for myself this year and must admit I am pretty excited about them.  You know when I was a little girl my mother would always tell me to never tell what my wish was because if I did it would not  come true.  No wonder I never got my pony !! I was pretty good about keeping it all secret but today I feel a wish, a goal, a dream all need to vocalized and put out there.  Put them in print, share them so the universe can hold us more accountable their ultimate success.   If we don't see or think of them daily, we are not held accountable for working toward our own wishes, resolutions  .... they may never happen and we might in fact even forget we had that dream, a wild goal, a far reaching challenge.  Life gets busy and we forget. I am not suggesting one goes public with their goal to the world at large, many goals are personal so keeping them in a safe and tight circle might be best...but do tell someone and do be online for your own successes. 

Obviously as a business woman and a Realtor to boot, many of the goals I see and hear about are "We have been dreaming of making this move forever."  As a matter of fact it was a 2014 New Years goal of mine to move and work where I would love to retire ....why wait, what was I waiting for anyway ....JUST DO IT !!!  We all know that expression.  I did do it and was terrified but let me tell you I have never looked back.  Thank goodness I did it when I did because the cost to make this move has only grown in one direction ....UP !!!! Sometimes when we wait until we are ready ...we never get there. 

While we sit strong with great intention in this first vibrant quarter of 2020 I would like to leave you with this thought and question or statement ....Have you ever said to yourself...." I should have .... if only I had.... "    If Naples FL is floating around in your head I would like to assure you that I am here to help you.  I can provide all the missing answers that might be causing road blocks, I will provide the facts and figures to help you along the journey of making that wish come true.  I have ways to assist and save you so much money .... all you need to do is decide to make that goal a reality.  Call me and let's talk about how it is I can help you, I think you will be very surprised and pleased. 

EVERYTHING is possible...everything !!! We might just need to talk about it. Make 2020 your year !!!

P.S. I bought my own pony ;-) took me 40 years but he is still mine !!


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